For Cairo-based filmmaker Karim Shaaban, a good film is all about feeling.
His philosophy - a film made without passion is powerless. His directorial expertise has consistently ensured that the moving image is captured and crafted to deliver emotion, impact and purpose. 

Karim has worked across the full spectrum of creative film endeavours. From experimental short films and music videos through to advertising, documentaries and feature films. He has directed over 50 commercials for brands including Coca Cola, Shell, Lipton, Linclon, Merck, Itihad Club, HSBC, Tresemme,, and Firestone. As well as a popular TV talk show for DMC, a prominent channel in Egypt. 

His first feature film, Fi Youm (In a Day), was awarded a ‘Special Mention’ at the 37th Cairo International Film Festival, and his first short “Whats Going On?!” was screened in mulitple local film festivals. 

Alongside his professional work, Karim continues to explore new methods and approaches to telling new stories through film to continually engage, educate, inform, inspire, and facilitate great change in people and their environments. 

Portrait By: Ahmed Othman //