Karim Shaaban is a Cairo-based filmmaker with plenty of experimental endeavors under his belt. Starting his journey around 2006, he has gone from experimental short films to advertising, music videos, documentaries and short feature films. His first feature film Fi Youm (In a Day) was awarded a ‘Special Mention’ at the Cairo International Film Festival 37th edition (2015).

Shaaban approaches filmmaking with the purpose of narrating stories that are inspired from his everyday interactions as well as observations. He sees visual storytelling as a blank canvas that he yearns to color in the vivid shades of symbolism. Like no other medium, conceptual visual storytelling allows him to channel more complex thoughts and feelings.

Shaaban’s attentiveness to the minute details of his films stems from his extensive experience across the various departments of filmmaking from filming to recording sounds, editing and more.

Shaaban’s zeal for the joint space between storytelling and filmmaking is greatly inspired by the works of Alejandro G. Iñárritu and Emmanuel Lubezki, as well as Egyptian legends Shady Abdelsalam and Atef el-Tayyeb.